When I first met Bev back in 2008 I was in the process of disentangling myself from a leadership position that had caused me much heartache.

Whilst not completely throwing in the towel with regard to what I considered the call of God on my life I couldn’t quite see how I was ever going to return the frontline.

All it took was a couple of hours with Bev and her husband Rick at Starbucks to start get me back on track.

I may have felt a bit battered and bruised but they were able to see beyond the moment. Armed with an uncanny knack for not only spotting potential in leaders, but putting the full weight of her experience and passion behind them, Bev set me back on track.

In 2012 my wife and I launched a vibrant church in home town and not only has Bev continued to invest in us as a couple, to strengthen and encourage, but it’s probably very doubtful if the church would even exist without her input into our lives and her belief in us.

Andy Robb
Senior Pastor
CGC Billericay
Award winning children’s writer and illustrator