Rick and Bev lead us through to a breakthrough

We were part of the congregation of CGC Chelmsford when a church in Rayleigh asked for Rick and Bevs’ help. It seemed out of nowhere we were asked to go in with a team of people they had picked to assess the situation.

We are now leading that church!! We had never expected to be in this position and certainly didn’t feel upto the job.

However with their guidance we are in our third year of leadership. We haven’t always made the choices they would have but they have allowed us to do it our way while gently correcting us when they felt it was needed.

Under that tutelage we have learnt to push through, to face difficult situations and lead the way into breakthrough and to bring a group of disparate people into a church moving forward into the purposes of God.

On a personal note I appreciate a friendship that accepts and loves me as I am while cheering me onto to be more than I ever thought I could be.

Bryan & Gel Chapman
Pastors CGC Rayleigh