Waterlase Laser Dentistry in Windsor

Fear No More! Dreading your next trip to the dentist? Have you been putting off much needed dental work? There is no need to fear going to the dentist anymore. No longer do you have to endure the pain, sound, and vibrations of the drill and the numbing of shots. Lasers have many beneficial uses in today’s medicine, and dentistry is no exception. The Waterlase© system available at BenchMark Dental in Windsor, CO makes your experience quick, accurate and virtually pain free.

Laser Dentistry in Windsor – One Patient’s Story

“Dr. Fowler knew of my dislike for the use of Novocain when it comes to getting cavities filled. So when he suggested the Waterlase as an alternative to the traditional dentist drill, I jumped at the chance. There was only very minor pain during the procedure and no grinding or vibrations at all. Best of all, once he was done I didn’t have to deal with the numb lip – which I hate! There was no residual pain and I could drink a glass of water without drooling all over myself.” – J.W. Windsor

How Laser Dentistry Works

The Waterlase© system combines water, air and laser energy. Working with the water that partially makes up our teeth, the laser excites the water molecules and cuts through the tooth. Waterlase© continually sprays out water which prevents heat and also keeps the tooth hydrated, serving to create a pain free environment that is minimally-invasive.

Benefits of Waterlase Laser Dentistry:

  • Cutting-edge, proven technology
    • Waterlase© has been around since 1998
    • Cleared for numerous dental procedures on adults and children:
      • Decay removal
      • Cavity preparation
      • Root canals
      • Smile design
      • Bone and gum surgical procedures
      • And more
    • Virtually pain free
    • No extra charge
  • Little or no drilling
    • No drill, no drilling sound
    • Great for those opposed to or uncomfortable with the drill
  • Little or no anesthetic
    • No time waiting for anesthetic to take effect
    • No droopy or puffy face
    • Great for those allergic to anesthesia
    • Great for those on medications that would interact with painkillers
  • More versatility for dentists
    • Dentists can perform multiple small procedures in just one appointment
    • Waterlase© dentists save you a trip to specialists because they can perform variety of procedures
  • Minimally-invasive
    • Waterlase© is very precise—removing little tooth material
    • Accuracy of laser helps maintain natural teeth longer
    • Minimizes trauma to teeth like cracking
    • Use on gums reduces pain, bleeding, swelling, and need for pain medication
  • Reduces risk of cross-contamination
    • Employs single-use disposable tips
    • Works without contact to the tooth

If you are interested in the Waterlase Laser Dentistry in Windsor, please call us to learn more and to make an appointment at 970 686-7858.

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